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Fall 2017

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Microbiology for Allied Health Students

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BIOL 2215


This is a collection of instructional materials for the following open textbook and lab manual:

Authors' Description:

The materials in this collection were developed from various sources as a means of engaging students and assessing their understanding of the course content. Included in the Active Learning Strategies are several game-type activities, as well as a webquest that serves as a directed research project designed to supplement the information found in their lab manual.

The Case Studies build on information from the remixed version of the OpenStax Microbiology textbook, titled Microbiology for Allied Health Students; they are intended to exercise students’ critical thinking skills and hone their diagnostic abilities. The Crossword Puzzles and Word Searches have been used as a means of assessing students’ grasp of factual information.

This collection was created in partial fulfillment of a grant from the University System of Georgia’s Affordable Learning Georgia Textbook Transformation initiative.

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