Principles of Physics II Lab (Clayton)

Principles of Physics II Lab (Clayton)

Tatiana Krivosheev, Clayton State University
Caroline Sheppard, Clayton State University
Patricia Todebush, Clayton State University
Bram Boroson, Clayton State University
Justin Mays, Clayton State University


This Grants Collection for Principles of Physics II was created under a Round Four ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.

Affordable Learning Georgia Grants Collections are intended to provide faculty with the frameworks to quickly implement or revise the same materials as a Textbook Transformation Grants team, along with the aims and lessons learned from project teams during the implementation process.

Documents are in .pdf format, with a separate .docx (Word) version available for download. Each collection contains the following materials:

  • Linked Syllabus
  • Initial Proposal
  • Final Report