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Spring 2019

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Introductory Physics

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PHYS 1111


This collection of ancillary materials for Introductory Biology was created under a Round Eleven Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials Creation and Revision. Included are the following resources to assist a faculty member in implementing specification grading in an introductory physics course using OpenStax College Physics:

  • Specification Grading Guide
  • Specification Documents
  • Quizzes
  • Practice Final Exam

Author's Description:

"Rather than grading each assignment with partial credit and then taking a weighted average of your assignments to find a grade, this course uses a set of course expectations called “specifications” (spec for short). Each spec has an associated quiz. Some specifications are designated “critical.” To pass a quiz, you must perform at a “mastery” level (usually equivalent to what would have been an A or B with traditional grading.) Your final grade is determined by how many quizzes you pass."

These resources are also available on the Georgia Gwinnett College Wiki:

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