Material Type

Lecture Slides

Publication Date

Summer 2017

Course Title

Elementary Statistics

Course Number

MATH 2210


Authors' Description:

"Rising textbook costs are a potential barrier to student progression and retention. Therefore, a group of faculty in the department of Mathematics at Augusta University has decided to adopt an open textbook for use in an Elementary Statistics course.

We have developed a set of materials to accompany the OpenStax Introductory Statistics textbook by Illowsky and Dean including lecture/study notes and projects.

These materials are meant as a supplement for teachers and learners who are using the OpenStax Introductory Statistics textbook by Illowsky and Dean. These materials also incorporate the use of other technologies (R and Excel) in an open statistics course for students and instructors who wish to use technologies other than the TI-83/84 graphing calcuator."

OpenStax Introductory Statistics:

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