MATH 1111 - College Algebra (Open Course)

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Open Course

Publication Date

Spring 2015

Course Title

College Algebra

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MATH 1111


Authors' Description:

The goal of this course is to offer a fundamental understanding of algebraic concepts which form an important component of an undergraduate education and to enhance the algebraic skills and knowledge necessary for upper-level mathematics courses and for courses in many other disciplines. The Department of Mathematics is offering Math 1111 College Algebra course designed around the Emporium Model. The underlying principle of this model is very simple:

“Students learn math by doing math not by listening to someone talk about doing math.”

The students enrolled in Math 1111 spend one hour a week at a fixed time with their professor and then a minimum of three flexible hours a week in the Math Emporium lab which is staffed with professors and undergraduate learning assistants (ULA’s).

During the meeting at the fixed time, professors guide the students through their responsibilities, connect concepts, work examples, and point out common student misconceptions. In the Math Emporium lab, professors and ULA’s offer immediate and personalized help with math concepts.

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