Western Civilization Since 1648 (EGA)

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Open Course

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Spring 2019

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Western Civilization Since 1648 (World History II)

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HIST 1112


This open course for Western Civilization Since 1648 was created under a Round Eleven ALG Textbook Transformation Grant:


Included are readings, lecture slides, learning objectives, audiovisual resource links, and vocabulary terms by lesson. Lessons include:

  • The Age of Enlightenment, Reason, and Scientific Revolution
  • Changes in Political Thought: Imperialism, Colonialism, Nationalism, and Revolution
  • Cultural Life, 1700-1900: Arts, Music, Literature, and Religion
  • The World Outside the West
  • Industrialization and Lived Experiences
  • The World in Two Wars
  • Post-Colonial World Culture and Globalization

All PowerPoint files are available as additional files for preservation within the repository.

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LESSON~1.PPT (6842 kB)
L1: Age of Enlightenment

Lesson 2 Changes in Political Thought.pptx (17514 kB)
L2: Changes in Political Thought

Lesson 3 Content Cultural Life 1700-1900.pptx (72827 kB)
L3: Cultural Life

Lesson 4 The World Outside the West.pptx (136416 kB)
L4: World Outside the West

Lesson 5 Industrialization.pptx (46845 kB)
L5: Industrialization

Lesson 6 World War.pptx (121826 kB)
L6: Two World Wars

Lesson 7 The Post-Colonial World.pptx (135072 kB)
L7 Post-Colonial World Culture