eCore Accessible Open Textbooks (Fall 2019)


eCore Accessible Open Textbooks (Fall 2019)


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Download ARTS1100 eCore Introduction to Art Design Context and (26.7 MB)

Download CHEM1211 CHEM 1212 eCore (43.8 MB)

Download COMM1100 eCore A Primer on Communication Studies.pdf (5.5 MB)

Download ECON2105 eCore Principles of Macroeconomics.pdf (14.0 MB)

Download ENGL2111 eCore World Literature I Beginnings to (36.8 MB)

Download ENGL2132 Writing the Nation.pdf (14.5 MB)

Download ENVS2202 eCore Concepts of Biology.pdf (24.5 MB)

Download ETEC1101 eCore Information Systems for Business and Beyond.pdf (4.7 MB)

Download GEOL1121 Laboratory Manual for Introductory (39.9 MB)

Download HIST 1111 World (25.3 MB)

Download HIST2111 eCore History in the Making.pdf (18.2 MB)

Download MATH1101 eCore Intermediate Algebra Textbook.pdf (13.6 MB)

Download MATH1111 eCore Algebra and (34.3 MB)

Download MATH1401 eCore Collaborative Statistics.pdf (13.3 MB)

Download MATH1501 eCore Calculus Volume 1.pdf (11.8 MB)

Download MUSC1100 eCore Understanding Music Past and Present.pdf (9.8 MB)

Download PHYS2211 eCore University Physics Volume 1.pdf (21.1 MB)

Download PHYS2212 eCore University Physics Volume 2.pdf (16.2 MB)

Download POLS1101 The Basics of American Government.pdf (4.8 MB)

Download PSYC1101 eCore Psychology.pdf (13.6 MB)


This collection consists of accessible copies of open textbooks used by eCore, Georgia's Online Core Curriculum, as of Fall 2019. The textbooks were made accessible for screen readers by the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Through CIDI, basic accessibility features have been checked, edited, and/or added to these texts: optical character recognition and auto-tagged header structures.

Due to an accessibility glitch in the repository platform, all accessible texts are downloadable under Additional Files. The primary link on this page points to eCore's course descriptions, where all open textbooks for courses are listed.

Included in this collection are accessible copies of the following open textbooks:

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Fall 2019


University System of Georgia



eCore Accessible Open Textbooks (Fall 2019)