Sexy Technical Communication, 2nd Edition


Sexy Technical Communication, 2nd Edition


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Authors' Description:

"Sexy technical writing…we’ve got to be kidding, right? But no, we aren’t. Good technical writing is powerful and clear and gets the job done. It brings people together and solves problems. Good technical writing purrs and hums like that BMW you plan to be driving someday.What’s not sexy about that? On the other hand, poor technical writing skills may lead to a lifetime of asking people if they want fries with that…or worse, selling vacuum cleaners door to door. There’s no need to ask what’s not sexy about that!

WE – your textbook authors – are a team of dedicated writers, tech writing teachers, designers, artists and professionals who are absolutely passionate about technical writing. That’s why we decided to create a text for you that we all loved, a text that would be free and always available to you. Now, that’s sexy."

This open textbook was revised under an ALG Round Eleven Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials Creation and Revision.

2nd Edition Notes:

"Looking at the text, the reader will notice a much smoother look to the textbook. We converted all chapters to the latest version of SoftChalk and resolved all accessibility issues. We have also worked to create consistent chapter objectives and consistent page breaks throughout chapters, which will help instructors with course planning and help students keep track of where they are in a chapter."

Accessible files with optical character recognition (OCR) and auto-tagging provided by the Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation.

Course Title

Workplace Writing; Technical Communication

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WRIT 3140, TCOM 2110

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Publication Date

Summer 2017


University System of Georgia


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Technical and Professional Writing

Sexy Technical Communication, 2nd Edition