Microeconomics for Business

Microeconomics for Business

Constantin Ogloblin, Georgia Southern University
John Brown, Georgia Southern University
John King, Georgia Southern University
William Levernier, Georgia Southern University


This web-based open textbook and course for Microeconomics for Business was created under a Round Eight ALG Textbook Transformation Grant. The text is a remix including newly-created textbook chapters and chapters from OpenStax Principles of Microeconomics.

Original chapters are also available for download in the repository.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Economics
  • Demand and Supply in Competitive Markets
  • Elasticity of Demand and Supply
  • Markets and Government
  • Consumer Choice
  • Production, Costs, and Profit
  • Firms' Decisions under Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly, Rent Seeking, and Antitrust Policies
  • Firms' Decisions under Monopolistic Competition
  • Market Concentration, Oligopoly, and Firms' Strategic Interaction