Free Music Dictations (Aural Skills I-IV)

Material Type

Open Course

Publication Date

Spring 2019

Course Title

Aural Skills I-IV

Course Number

MUSI 1111, MUSI 1112, MUSI 2111, MUSI 2112


This website was created to reduce the costs of high schoolers and college students studying aural skills. It features free recordings of dictations for teachers/professors, dictations with answers for independent study, free test prep materials, and instructional videos for basic dictation concepts. It was created under a Round Ten ALG Textbook Transformation Grant and revised under a Round 18 Continuous Improvement Grant.

Topics covered include:

  • Protonotation
  • Standard Notation
  • Dots and Ties
  • Simple and Compound Meter
  • Modes
  • Syncopations
  • Arpeggiations
  • Harmonic Dictations in Major and Minor Keys
  • Seventh Chords
  • Applied Chords
  • Augmented Chords
  • Modal Mixture

If you are interested in using this website for your Aural Skills course, please send Dr. Yunek and/or Dr. Wadsworth your professional email address to receive a copy of the answers.

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