Theatre Appreciation (Online Course)

Material Type

Open Course

Publication Date

Spring 2015

Course Title

Theatre Appreciation

Course Number

THEA 1100


Authors' Description:

While open resource theatre survey textbooks are available, [our] team has not identified one that is strong enough to meet the objectives of the course as it has been developed. The proposed transformation involves identifying and organizing a broad array of resources to broaden the learning experience of the students. With its free and ready access, the adoption of a variety of expert source material will increase engagement with quality information that will more effectively complete the experience of both applied and academic study.

In addition to content-specific student learning outcomes, THEA 1100 is designed to increase the students’ information literacy (Darton State’s QEP) through the course discussion board. The students are required to post researched information for all to discuss according to guidelines that foster critical thinking. The transformation to OER material that is selected from GALILEO and additional reputable sources will increase student facility with academic source material and allow learners to more readily select topics and information of interest to them, enabling a more rigorous and learner-centered approach.


A downloadable version of this LibGuides-based course is available as an additional file.